Dressage Lessons

Whether you are a seasoned dressage rider or just beginning your riding journey, Carin’s straightforward teaching approach is effective and refreshing. Lessons are tailored to each student’s goals and needs and geared toward helping them to achieve. 

Carin herself knows that to learn the movements—or just learn—you must ride seasoned, well-trained horses.

It was always her dream to provide schoolmasters to students, and she is very happy to offer her lesson horses!  Schoolmasters trained through FEI are available, along with other horses whose temperament and gaits are ideal for beginners or riders overcoming fears. 

Lessons on CB Sporthorses schoolmasters: $95 a session or $800 for 10 sessions

Call or text Carin at 818-395-7013 to schedule an assessment lesson. 

Jackson shoulder In.JPG