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A gem of a private facility located just outside of Los Angeles, CB Sporthorses offers dressage horse consignment and sales as well as dressage lessons and training. 

For over 15 years, owner Carin Bannos has helped students learn basics and an independent seat, providing a basis for them to move up the levels and earn medals. Originally from Germany, Carin’s teaching approach is very European—without the correct foundation, there will be no moving on. However, it’s important to her that students enjoy the learning experience, which is where her light-hearted and fun communication style comes in. Together with Carin’s schoolmaster lesson horses, this enjoyable, instructive experience rooted in the German teaching system has produced many happy students!

Carin Bannos Dressage

Carin Bannos

Carin began riding as a child, and her love of the sport has led her to explore vaulting, fox hunting and dressage.  She has started numerous young horses under saddle and has successfully trained them up the levels in dressage and eventing. Carin’s eye for prospects and matching them up with new owners has led to many happy new partnerships. Though she has made a name for herself importing horses from Germany and training them, Carin’s passion for horses is not limited to warmbloods.  She is genuinely open to all breeds and able to work with the limitations of each individual animal.


Dressage Lessons

Whether you are a seasoned dressage rider or just beginning your riding journey, Carin’s straightforward teaching approach is effective and refreshing. Lessons are tailored to each student’s goals and needs and geared toward helping them to achieve. 

Carin herself knows that to learn the movements—or just learn—you must ride seasoned, well-trained horses.

It was always her dream to provide schoolmasters to students, and she is very happy to offer her lesson horses!  Schoolmasters trained through FEI are available, along with other horses whose temperament and gaits are ideal for beginners or riders overcoming fears. 

Lessons on CB Sporthorses schoolmasters: $95 a session or $800 for 10 sessions

Call or text Carin at 818-395-7013 to schedule an assessment lesson. 

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Sales + Consignment


Sport Horse Sales 

Looking for your next dressage partner?

CB Sporthorses may have the right horse for you! All of our consignment horses have current photos and videos, and Carin will give you her honest assessment of their rideability and trainability, as well as an accurate accounting of their training, past, and health. Carin also regularly imports horses from Germany that are also offered for sale.

If you'd like to import your next partner, Carin can guide you through the process. 

Her extensive bloodline knowledge, contacts, and experience choosing horses in Germany can help you find the right match for your needs and goals. She'll find you prospects, arrange sales trips and negotiate price, while also organizing vet checks, insurance, and shipping.

To talk to Carin about our consignment horses, imported horses, or about shopping abroad, call 818-395-7013 or email Carin.

Sport Horse Consignment 

Our full-service sport horse consignment program is designed to efficiently sell your horse to the right buyer.

Carin's years of sales experience have not only given her a great eye for horses, but also for determining the right match with their human partners.

While in the CB Sporthorses consignment program, Carin and her team will be in full care. Your horse's training will be expertly maintained, ensuring that prospective buyers will experience your horse's quality under saddle. 

Your horse will be professionally photographed and filmed, for which it will be appropriately groomed and braided. Carin will market your horse throughout her network as well as list it online, and she will field inquiries, meet prospective buyers, and be present at the vet check. Finally, she will manage all sales paperwork and will remain the buyer's point of contact until the sale and payment are finalized.

Consignment  fees are $1,200 per month.

This fee includes board, training as described above, photos, videos, marketing and sales management.

Interested in consigning your horse with CB Sporthorses? Call 818-395-7013 or email Carin.

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As a girl in Germany, Carin taught ponies tricks—how to bow, Wave a flag, pick up things, say yes and no, Spanish walk and perform other movements.

That childhood interest earned her a unique understanding on how horses learn, and this has helped her time and again. She grew up in structured German riding schools where you had to earn everything the hard way. These experiences have made Carin exceptionally effective trainer whose informed methods have enabled her to successfully train horses up the levels through FEI. 

Carin accepts a limited number of youngsters to start under saddle, and she also welcomes older horses into training. She is open to all breeds and able to work with and around the limitations of each individual animal and rider. She lives on-site and, with the help of her team, provides around-the-clock care for horses under her tutelage. 

Training fees are in addition to monthly board.  Horses boarded must be in a training program. 


Monthly Board: $700

Includes: Turn out, blanketing, lunch, supplementing (supplements provided by owner). 

Full training: $850

Includes: 4 sessions a week, either lessons or riding, or a mix of both. 


Call 818-395-7013 or email Carin to talk more about training at CB Sporthorses.



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Phone: 818-395-7013

email: CBannos@cbsporthorses.com

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