CB Sporthorses

A gem of a private facility located just outside of Los Angeles, CB Sporthorses offers dressage horse consignment and sales as well as dressage lessons and training. 

For over 15 years, owner Carin Bannos has helped students learn basics and an independent seat, providing a basis for them to move up the levels and earn medals. Originally from Germany, Carin’s teaching approach is very European—without the correct foundation, there will be no moving on. However, it’s important to her that students enjoy the learning experience, which is where her light-hearted and fun communication style comes in. Together with Carin’s schoolmaster lesson horses, this enjoyable, instructive experience rooted in the German teaching system has produced many happy students!

Carin Bannos Dressage

Carin Bannos

Carin began riding as a child, and her love of the sport has led her to explore vaulting, fox hunting and dressage.  She has started numerous young horses under saddle and has successfully trained them up the levels in dressage and eventing. Carin’s eye for prospects and matching them up with new owners has led to many happy new partnerships. Though she has made a name for herself importing horses from Germany and training them, Carin’s passion for horses is not limited to warmbloods.  She is genuinely open to all breeds and able to work with the limitations of each individual animal.